First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Who am I again…and what was I saying?  A look into my minds unique way of working or not working as the case may be.  Come along for a wild ride, ups, downs, funny, lots of sarcasm, rants.  I have always thought of my self as fairly average, but have come to learn there is no such thing and that almost everyone has a story.  I have tons, my psychiatrist and therapist, friends and family said I need to write a book.  Well thanks to some medical problems which are considered rare and basically untreatable, my brain has some good days and then many not so good days.  I basically have a brain tumor with no actual tumor, here is a brief list of what this brings to the party!  I could go blind (biggie), massive migraines that are not touched by most medication, I walk like a drunk some times, I can slur my speech (again like a drunk), hallucinations (these are awesome!), sirens in my ears, cognitive difficulties on bad days or when I get tired, manic depression with suicidal tendencies, insomnia and the latest is my memory loss is now upgraded to amnesiac.  I have a great sense of humor and really don’t drag you into pits of despair!  Just be ready for non linear thinking!  Today I may want to talk about movies, music, my love of animals, nature, science, cooking, childhood, family, dreams etc…  I feel like a puppy most days, where I am happy but distractable!  I also make up my own words, I can have a dirty mouth (especially if I am driving!) but like I said there may be no rhyme or reason to why I am in the mood to say or talk about what!  Becuase my mind does not remember things in a regular sequence, or timeline (like childhood, teens, adult) is just one of the reasons I can’t put my life and thoughts into a cohesive timeline, but a blog I can write about whatever and whenever I want!  Please join me!  I will start  a story or thought soon.  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my crazy life!  Lots of love till then rom The Ditzykat!20150822_161350